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Sarah needed new headshots. When I met her it began to work in my head, which setup I would want to use to take a portrait of her. We decided to work with a handpainted backdrop from La Imitola matching her outfit and skin tone to the rhythm. It took me a little while longer to build a light setup with 4 ProFoto flash heads and several light shapers. But the results were rewarding. With a little help in positioning in front of the camera, we worked out a pretty angle to show her grace and confidence. One light was directed on to the backdrop to stage a certain stage feel, which I felt was suitable for an opera singer.

Headshot & Portrait for Singers, Musician and photographer in Berlin
headshots for artists and entrepreneurs, photographer berlin
headshots for artists and entrepreneurs, photographer berlin

Do you like to get your headshots taken to the next level. Don’t be so shy and let me know, what kind of image you have in mind, or what you need the images for. I am sure we will find some suitable ideas for your profile, website or poster look too. I am looking forward to work with artists and even offer a free phone or video call consultation. Get in touch or check out my offers for your photo session.


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