view over New York from Empire State Building

Alone in New York

When I had the chance to go to New York and meet up with the premier pohotographer Peter Hurley I begged my wife for a time-out and booked my ticket to New York. Peter is a well-known headshot photographer who came to Berlin a year before and he agreed to do an interview with him for my book on business photography.
Spending some days in New York seemed like a dream. It felt as if I knew the city, probably from all the movies I have seen. The long alleys caught me like wormholes, adding up 150kms in 9 days. Walking in between these gigantic buildings felt unreal but yet it helped me to see, what architects, engineers and fearless construction workers are capable of.

After the Interviews Central Park became my favorite place to reflect on everything and keep on working on the book with a little distance to my own studio. It was perfect for thoughtful walks, I always kept a wireless keyboard close and of course stopped here and there to not the most urgent ideas and take some pictures before in the busy streets of NYC.