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Here are some of the recent artist portraits from the creative session with Amadis. He is a singer, songwriter and sensational being – not only in front of a cheering crowd of people. He recently released his album „1979 Dig Deeper“ and is on a journey.

I had the pleasure to work with him on a creative „dig deeper“ portrait session. The lead image is dedicated to his song „Freedom“. In this song he asks the listener: „Take your mask off“ and makes me ask, which kinds of masks are we wearing and for whom? How can we liberate ourselves from these to really feel free.

If you like to see him dance, here is a very suspicious music video: Suspicious chicken.
It is only a bit crazy, but also needed in our world of normal abnormality, where music is like a companion on the journey to heal ourselves – away from being told, how to face the world in order to appear somehow normal.

So lets dance to the music and feel the beats in our body, since this is where we truly belong.

If you would like to see yourself in a special light and shine from within, let me know.


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